Haven't Ya Herd? 

We got goats! So, here's a big fat Welcome Y'all! to our newest project here on Fuller House Farm - Fuller House Mini-Nubians. Dairy goats have long been a part of our homestead discussions, and we went back and forth quite a bit over the past year or so between raising them, or a miniature dairy cow. Ultimately, due to space, cost, and a shorter maturing stage, we chose to go with goats as our next livestock investment. It just made way more sense. Without doing a ton of research about which dairy breed we wanted to raise, the kids and I impulsively decided to visit our friends at Kessel Run Minis, in order to see their two new little F1 mini-Nubian does they had just put up for sale. After only a few short minutes of cuddling and watching the adorableness that is baby goats - we were sold! Once the decision was made, Brandon and I poured every bit of strength and free time we had into building the best goat barn we could, for the least amount money possible - and under two weeks. What had began as two little does, quickly morphed into a herd of six, in just a matter of a couple of days. Needless to say, I bypassed Little Goat Lady right on up, and went full fledge Crazy Goat Mama in 2.5 seconds. While it's definitely a learning experience for us all, we are enjoying each of our new farm members and their unique personalities, and are excitedly anticipating all of the interesting new fun they will surely bring over the next year. Be sure to check back regularly for all of our updates, including our 2019 Breeding Program schedule! 

After goat pedicures, and a free range buffet, Jasper and Ramsey decided to get into some shenanigans. Apparently, the grass is greener.. under the car?