ILA Creek Farm “Ramsey”

Ramsey 1.JPG
Ramsey 3.JPG

Listed for Sale - $200
Registered through MDGA

Breed: Purebred Mini-Nubian,  F7

DOB: 04/13/2018

Sire: Hilltop Goats Theodore "Buddy", F6

Dam: ILA Creek Farm "Holly", F7

Misc. Info: Disbudded. Blue eyes.

Health Status: G6S Normal by parentage. Herd tested negative for CAE/CL/Johnes.

Breeding Status:  Not bred; in rut.

Ramsey is a spunky sweetheart, that we've lovingly dubbed our "goofball". He is a very personable young buck,  with nice breed character, good width, and handsome coloring and blue eyes. He was the fourth born of a litter of quads, which was a first freshening for his dam! Her owner described her udder as "AWESOME and as soft as silk", plus she was easily producing 80 ounces of milk in a single morning after weaning. We hate to see him go, but we look forward to him going on to a herd more in need of his qualities than our own.

Bloodlines: Hilltop Goats, Echo Hill, Screaming Goat Farm, Green Gables, Goat Trails, Sonflower Ranch, Eddy Place