Chasing Jane "Sweet Honeysuckle"

Breed: American Mini-Nubian, F4

DOB: 04/22/2018

Sire: Two Forevers "H-Minus Charlie Blue", F6

Dam: Bliss Creek "The Great Gilly Hopkins", F3

Misc. Info: Disbudded. Blue eyes.

Health Status: G6S Normal by parentage. Herd tested negative for CAE/CL/Johnes.

Breeding Status: Bred 11/13/2018; awaiting confirmation.

Honeysuckle has made it to the farm, and boy does her name suit her! From the time she was taken off the transport, she has oozed nothing but pure sweetness and gentleness, and pictures do not do her beauty justice. She is a niece to Clover on her sire's side, while her dam's lineage will be introducing a few new-to-us bloodlines that we're pretty pumped about adding to our program. Multiple star milkers, and show champions are scattered throughout her dam's extended pedigree, and we hope to see that kind of production shine through our new addition and her offspring. Honeysuckle displays a very nicely developing rear assembly, good dairy character, breed character, and conformation. We're ecstatic to have this sweet girl as a part of our breeding program!

Bloodlines: Bliss Creek, Hidden Hills Farm, Green Gables, Finali Farm, Bluebird Ridge, Eddy Place

*Note - Honeysuckle initially was known as Primrose, hence the name difference in our photos. Sorry for any confusion!

Photos courtesy of Hidden Hills Farm, Two Forevers Ranch, Mini Nubian Gardens, Eldamar Farm

Harvest Hill "African Violet"

Breed: American Mini-Nubian,  F5

DOB: 05/02/2018

Sire: Screaming Goat Farm "Cappucino", F4

Dam: Ordered Steps "Ginger", F6

Misc. Info: Disbudded. Moonspots.

Health Status: G6S and CL to be tested 2018. Herd tested negative for CAE/Johnes.

Breeding Status: Bred 11/17/2018; awaiting confirmation.

Violet quickly asserted herself as matriarch early on with the other does, and the position of Herd Queen suits her well. She is quite commanding of her fellow herd mates, and they all seem to follow her lead well; but she is also a softie when it comes to neck scratches and back rubs. Violet displays some nice character breed, excellent width and strength, budding teat placement, and has beautiful moonspots. Her pedigree packs a mighty punch on her sire's side, including finished champion Soaring Heart's "King of Pop" - who brings both excellent conformation and champion milk lines. Our goal is to reestablish a smoother topline, like that of her great-granddam Green Gables MB Lovely Luna, cement excellent milk and udder production, and improve her dairy character. We are very excited to have her as a part of our breeding program!

Bloodlines: Screaming Goat Farm, Soaring Hearts, Green Gables, Echo Hill, Beloved Farm, Cornerstone Farm, Ordered Steps, Bluebird Ridge, Eddy Place

Photos courtesy of Harvest Hill Farm, Screaming Goat Farm, and Green Gables.

Two Forevers "Crimson Clover"

Breed: Purebred Mini-Nubian,  F6

DOB: 03/09/2018

Sire: Bluebird Ridge "Jefferson", F5

Dam: Eddy Place "Bunnie Blue",  F6

Misc. Info: Disbudded.

Health Status: G6S Normal by parentage. Herd tested negative for CAE/CL/Johnes.

Breeding Status: Bred 11/14/2018; awaiting confirmation.

Clover is a very pretty shy girl, who doesn't feel the need to invade your space. She is quite mellow, and the quietest in her group. Her tri-colored markings are beautiful, and we can't imagine how stunning she might have been had she inherited either of her parent's blue eyes like her twin brother did! She has great breed character, a nice level topline, some nice dairy character, and a lovely feminine gait. We’re really pleased with how well she is maturing. Our goal is to introduce more proven milky lines - cementing good milk production, and also to improve her width and strength. We are happy to have her as a part of our breeding program!

Bloodlines: Bluebird Ridge, Eddy Place

Photos courtesy of Two Forevers Ranch.