Introducing the Fuller House Goats!

Wow - I've missed you guys, and this space! Sorry for leaving y'all kind of hanging for so long; I promise we've got lots to show for it. Pull up a chair - we've got some catching up to do!


So, beginning around the end of June, B and I set out to build a 30' x 10' goat shelter, some temporary fencing, and a couple of gates out of about 40 or so free pallets we scored from a local feed store here in Hemphill, about 20 new metal t-posts, and a bucket of leftover screws. Our goal was to build the best shelter we could, for the least amount of money possible, in less than two weeks. Aside from buying metal posts, a post driver, and renting a trailer from Tractor Supply for half a day to carry all the pallets, the walls and temp fencing practically cost us pennies on the dollar. Our gates didn't add up to a lot either, after buying a few things like welded wire, hinges, and latches. The most expensive part of the whole building was the roofing materials, but fortunately we were able to cut that cost in about half with some Lowe's credit Brandon had earned through his job, as a kind of spendable commission. Looking back, we over bought on lumber for the roof, but it ended up being used elsewhere in the project, so it all worked out in the end. Brandon's brother who works in construction, happened to be visiting in the area, and graciously offered his labor to help us put the roof up - and that we did, in just a short few hours. We happily supplied a cheeseburger & pizza lunch for his family to show our appreciation for the amazing help, and in the rain nonetheless! Soon, our guests left to head home, so we got busy putting up temporary fencing, hay racks, feeders, and any little last minute details that would make the homecoming smoother. After just a couple of short hours, we were completely ready for our first two goats to arrive at Fuller House the very next day.

After our goat shelter was functioning and ready to house livestock, the kids and I spent several weeks traveling all over East Texas gathering a goat or two at a time; building our herd. By the end of July, our goat transports were complete, and our newly minted Fuller House herd was getting acclimated to each other and their new home here in deep east Texas. Aside from the 1,100 miles driven in just a few short weeks, I got busy getting our family and herd name registered with the Mini Dairy Goat Association (MDGA), we finally closed on our house, and Brandon and I celebrated our 15th wedding Anniversary. To say we were busy this past month would be a gross understatement, but at least it was productive!

And August has seemed to pick right up where July left off - last Thursday, while I was dealing with a puny goat, our dog, Heidi, welcomed six little pups! Come to find out, she successfully went slummin' beginning of June, despite our best efforts of keeping her contained during a very unexpected heat cycle. Even though I'm not looking forward to the inconvenience of having to find good homes for them in about seven more weeks, they are the cutest little half dozen pack of mismatched pooches ever, and I'm secretly excited to have them here! The rest of the month probably won't be slowing down either, as I'm currently working on finalizing documents to get our goats registered, preparing our 2019 breeding program, gearing up to start the next year of intense homeschooling, getting our family back on a healthy eating plan with Trim Healthy Mama, and staying on top of all the other day to day chores that always need being done. Whew. Is it nap time yet?

So, how have you been? Has this summer been a busy season for you as well? I'd love to hear the in and outs of what's going on in your part of the world. Hopefully we'll chat again much sooner than last time!