Novemberrr News & Going-Ons


We’re halfway through November, and apparently Fall and Winter carpooled together to southeast Texas this year. Most years, we’re just hoping we don’t have to run the a/c, or wear shorts and flip flops to the table come Thanksgiving, but we actually saw it snow the other day - even if was just fifteen minutes of flurries. And this morning, I found ice floating in the goats’ water buckets. I can only imagine how glad we’ll be to see Spring come next year, if Winter decides to make Fall take a permanent backseat this year. But goodness knows, I am relieved to have a break from the extreme heat and humidity we suffered from all Summer, so no complaints. For now.

This past Sunday, we were able to process our second batch of meat birds for the year, and thankfully it went much faster and smoother than our original experience. From setting up to cleaning up, we spent only four hours total; yielding 15 whole birds, and lots of goodies to make broth with. Over the course of this week we’ll be making and freezing gallons of bone broth, saving rendered chicken fat, creating chicken treats from discarded broth ingredients, and weighing and putting up our homegrown poultry. We have found that the work involved to raise and process your own chicken is a small price to pay for all of the wonderful things you get in return, and we’ll continue to raise an annual Fall batch for our family’s use.

We’ve also been working on our goat breeding program this past week, and we’re happy to announce that we believe we’ve been successful in breeding some, if not all, of our does! Clover and Honeysuckle each had a date with Jasper, and those matches seem promising. Violet was exposed to Sebastian as well, however we won’t be surprised if she comes back into heat; confirming a suspected unsuccessful breeding. Sebastian may still be a bit on the inexperienced side, so if he’s not able to complete the job this year, we’re hopeful for a Violet & Bash breeding next season. Honeysuckle and Clover should be due April 9th and 10th respectively, and we really look forward to our first kidding season here on Fuller House Farm!

In other goat news, Ivy will be making her way back to her birth farm early December, and we’re excited to see all that she accomplishes there. Although she is much smaller, and several months younger than the rest of our herd, she provides a lot of promise for the next 2.5 years of maturing. Letting her return to her original breeder is part of our need to scale back on our livestock numbers, and also to help create a better fit within our breeding and kidding schedule. Scaling back on our does also means we will be scaling back our bucks, and Ramsey is officially listed for sale. We hate to see him go, but we look forward to him going on to a herd more in need of his qualities than our own.

So, that’s most of what we’ve had going on around here. How has November been where you are?