Who We Are

We're Brandon & Heather Frame, and together with our three kids, we are the Fuller House Farm. Several years ago, we caught the sustainable lifestyle bug, after a brief stint in the long term prepping world. While hoarding a year or two's worth of food and other bulk necessities wasn't our thing, we quickly realized the value in being as self-sustainable as possible. Over the last few years, we have been inching slowly into the homesteading pool, and are looking forward to the day when we can go all the way in.

Currently, Brandon works an 8-5 as the Financial Director for a local auto dealership five days a week, but when he comes home, the farm boots go on! He's one handy dandy Jack-of-all-trades, thanks to a wide range skill set, which saves us a pretty penny in the end. His ultimate goal is to produce and harvest as much of what his family eats as possible.

Heather has been blessed to be able to fulfill the homemaker and homeschooling role for quite a few years now, and has enjoyed cooking and baking from scratch during that time, and then some. Some of her most fulfilling moments have come from baking that perfect loaf of bread, or concocting a killer meal the whole family loved. Her other passions include making healthier, eco-friendly goods for her family's health and home.

Our three children - Kyler, Tristan, and Willow - also seem to wholeheartedly enjoy living the homestead life,  and are pretty much always excited to be a part of whatever farm project we can cook up! We're constantly impressed by their eager involvement, and pretty darn proud of them for it, too. The biggest goal we have as their parents is to encourage and facilitate their interests to the best of our ability, and hopefully learn new things with them along the way.


Have a question, kind word of advice, or want to just stop by and say ‘hello’?  Then we’d love to hear from you!  Feel free to use our contact form below, and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.

All our best,
The Frames

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