In order to give our does the best chance at a healthy, successful first pregnancy, we will not begin their breeding until they are about 8 months old, and/or weighing 40-50 pounds. If all goes as planned, this will put our first kidding season beginning April 2019. We offer waiting lists for prospective buyers, and deposits are not required in order to be placed on them. Those who have requested a reservation for specific breedings will be given first choice in the order they were received. Once kidding occurs, we will make contact providing birth and availability details to those who have asked to be placed on that specific list, only moving on to the general list if no deposits are made. Once we have a buyer, we do require a $75 deposit be made within three business days to hold each kid they would like to purchase until weaning occurs around 8-12 weeks. Deposits not made within the allotted time frame and without proper communication will be assumed as a change of mind, and we will contact the next name on the list. Aside from illness or death of the livestock, all deposits are non-refundable. The remaining balance is due at the time of pickup, and for the integrity of our herd's health, all sales are final. Please note that transport arrangements are buyer's responsibility.

Below, we have listed our current plan, what we hope to see shine through each breeding, and our expected price for any resulting offspring. We have priced our livestock according to the going market rate for healthy, registered, good quality mini-Nubian kids, and it's our desire that they are placed with the best of homes that will appreciate and care for them just as we would. For this reason, and for your sanity as well, we will not sell any of our stock to homes or farms who do not have, or do not intend on having more than one goat at a time. Goats are very social herd animals, and need the companionship of another goat to thrive.

Every kid we sell will leave with an official buyer's packet - including all of the appropriate documents to apply for registration, a service memo if necessary, bill of sale, our care & feed regimen, and several days worth of feed for an easier diet transition. Also, our kids will be disbudded, if not naturally polled, at no extra cost to you. Bucks requested or needed to be made into wethers will be castrated by emasculation only, as we feel it is the safest method to use. Finally, we're not able to extend any kind of discount for buyers who aren't interested in registered stock, as we have invested equal amounts of time, labor, loving care, and expense into each of our kids born here on our farm.

Lastly, before purchasing any type of livestock, we highly recommend you first do a little due diligence, and research the basics of how to care for them, and what you need to provide in terms of shelter, security, and socialization. We are happy to provide reasonable support to our buyers when needed, but a little preparation definitely goes a long way. So, now that we've gone over all the nitty gritty stuff, check out what we've got planned below! We're pretty excited about our first breeding schedule, and if you happen to see something you like, be sure to contact us below.

Fuller House Farm reserves the right to retain any kids born on our farm, and breeding plans are subject to change if necessary. 


Honeysuckle   x   Jasper

F5 Mini-Nubians

Clover  x  Jasper

F7 Mini-Nubians

Violet   x   Sebastian

F6 Mini-Nubians

Milk; width & strength; breed & dairy character; conformation. *Blue eyes.

Milk; width & strength; breed & dairy character; conformation.

Breed & dairy character; width & conformation; milk. *Moon spots.


            **Bred: 11/13/18                              $295 Doe

              Due:  04/12/19                            $245 Buck



            **Bred:  11/14/18                              $295 Doe

              Due:  04/13/19                             $245 Buck



            **Bred:  11/17/18                              $295 Doe

              Due:  04/16/19                            $245 Buck


* Possible breeding results.
** Awaiting confirmation.

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