Hey there! Welcome to the Fuller House Farm. We are a passionate little homestead that is currently working to provide our family with homegrown veggies, self-processed meats, canned goods, fresh baked breads, and so much more. Here on our roomy one acre in Deep East Texas, we try our best to incorporate the way our grandparents had to live, and infuse those ideas and principles into how we want to live:  A more self-sustainable, and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Our goal in sharing this journey with you is to connect with other homesteaders, farmers and fellow enthusiasts feeling the pull to get back to their roots, and to learn from, share with, and hopefully inspire each other along our individual journeys.


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NEW!   Fuller House Mini-Nubians

Now that you've officially met the gang, come check out what we've goat going on over at our newest addition to our site!

Introducing the Fuller House Goats!

After an intense month of planning, working, traveling, and falling into our new homestead groove - we're so excited to introduce you to our newest project! Our herd of Mini-Nubians go by the name of Fuller House, and we're looking forward to all the interesting fun they're sure to bring over the next year.

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Our Lifestyle:  We're Not Just Farm-to-Fork

Interior decoration, things we love, celebrations, and places we visit - there's a lot more to living on a farm than blood, sweat, and chicken manure. Here is where we share our inspirations and the simple joys of living simply. One day, we'd like to create a fully independent lifestyle blog, but for now we invite you to enjoy our Lifestyle Gallery. Cheers!